Configure your assistant with data from 911 and CAD to automate delivery of text and surveys to your callers.

Automatic Text Notifications from CAD

Automatic text updates from CAD. From pre-arrival instructions, referrals to other agencies to ETA’s, a Rules Engine determines what texts are sent to which callers.

Surveys After 911 Calls

Easy SMS surveys to measure community satisfaction. Automatic text surveys sent a few hours or a few days after 9-1-1 calls to measure satisfaction of callers for non-critical incidents.

Positive Citizen Feedback

Improve staff morale with positive citizen feedback. Dynamic positive feedback board for display throughout the department.

Data Analytics and Dashboards

Measure your reach. Analyze response rates to surveys over time and by type of incident to measure engagement. Many 9-1-1 centers are seeing greater than 50% response rates!

Citizen Positive Satisfaction Score

Quantify your Engagement. CueHit agencies are seeing higher than 90% positive satisfaction ratings from their communities.