Limited Time Offer to New Jersey Public Safety Agencies to Improve Community Engagement

For a limited time, Public Safety agencies in the State of New Jersey can benefit from:

Automatic text message surveys to 911 callers and others involved in an incident 12 to 72 hours after lower priority  incidents   

  •   New Jersey department seeing a 40% + response rate for post-incident surveys versus less than 5% with annual community surveys

 Survey results captured and reported in real time with pre-built analytics and dashboards. Alerts internally of potential problems and export to share the results with community

  • Departments seeing 80% + positive responses to      surveys

  Positive comments from surveys are automatically detected and posted to a real time Feedback Board to help improve 911 and Officer morale

  The solution includes a press release for the agency to distribute announcing the program to the community and the department’s initiative to improve the ways in which they engage and gather feedback

· Agencies can be up and operational within a week

· No fees for services, training or projects

· One low yearly fee of $1200 to $1500



Samantha O’Brien

Director of Customer Success