Union County NJ Live on CueHit Platform

At 9:30 AM on Tuesday, October 13, the Union County Police Department in New Jersey became the first in the country to turn on the CueHit connection platform to introduce a new era of community engagement for public safety Within an hour, 911 callers began to receive text communications about the expected ETA of responding units, instructions of what to do while waiting for the units to arrive and then a quick text message satisfaction survey about their interaction with 911.

The UCNJ dispatch center serves the law enforcement, fire and EMS needs of callers throughout the County and many of the individual jurisdictions.

We are so proud of our team at CueHit that took us from idea to product to live in less than 4 months. Your passion for our cause and commitment to our customers has been incredible.

We are even more proud of the team at Union County Public Safety for leading the transformation of the way they engage their community and proactively ask for feedback and look for new ways to improve.

Great things to come!!